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1.After 10 years of studying wind power technology in Japan and three years in the domestic technology research,on the basis of new energy R&D institute founded, Chairman Zhao Xin established Tangshan TOYODA Technology Co.,Ltd in the High-tech Zone in Tangshan city on 9th ,September,2009.
2.In May 2010,300W wind turbine successfully developed, began mass production;
3.In May 2010,the vertical axis core-less rarw earth permanent magnet wind turbine was listed as priority Science and Technology Development Plan of Hebei Province;
4.In May 2010, TOYODA obtained the Hebei Province International Technology Cooperation Project and started international joint R&D;
5.In September 2010, approved by the State Ministry of Commerce, TOYODA established wind power R&D center in Japan;
6.In September 2010, TOYODA acquired the ISO9000 quality management certification awarded by China Quality Certification Center.
7.In October 2010,TOYODA successful research and development and mass production of high-performance European-style wind solar hybrid street lights;
8.In October 2010,The three trademarks registered by TOYODA were approved by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and applied for 12 patents and obtained the approval;
9.In November 2010, TUOYOUDA obtained the Central Finance Special Industry Project.
10.In November 2010, chairman Zhaoxin acquired returned student starting career excellent talent project awarded by National Human Resources Department;
11.In December 2010,TOYODA successful development and start mass production 1KW generator;
12.In 2010,TOYODA also applied for and received 7 invention patents;
13.In January 2011,TOYODA invested in Beijing Zhongguancun and established Beijing TOYODA Technology Co.,Ltd;
14.In March 2011,The company received provincial electrical research and development 2KW generator project;
15.In November 2010, chairman Zhaoxin acquired returned student starting career excellent talent project awarded by National Human Resources Department;
16.In March 2011,TOYODA with Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities have signed a postgraduate internship base project;
17.In March,2011, due to vertical axis core-less rare earth permanent magnet wind generator, TOYODA was awarded SEM (Small and Medium Enterprise) Technology Innovation Fund Supported by State Ministry of Science & Technology;
18.In September 2011,TOYODA undertook commitment of the provincial international scientific and technological cooperation projects passed the acceptance of projects in Hebei Province;
19.In September 2011, TUOYOUDA joint research project named “vertical axis core-less rare earth permanent magnet win turbine” was accessed as International Advanced Level by Science and Technology Agency.
20.In October 2011,Self-owned products of TOYODA began to export to Italy, Germany, the United States, Russia, New Zealand and other foreign markets;
21.In Decemebr,2011, TUOYOUDA was adopted EU “CE”certificate.
22.In December 2011, TOYODA was awarded international technological cooperation magnificent project about 50kw multisection vertical axis wind power generator series joint research by State Ministry of Science & Technology;
23.In 2011,TOYODA also applied for and received 14 invention patents;
24.In February 2012,TOYODA undertook the national international cooperation in science and technology projects;
25.During March and April,TOYODA sale products to Shanghai Ocean University, Hebei University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Hebei United University, Tangshan Institute of Industrial Technology and signed a technical cooperation agreement, TOYODA products began to extend research and teaching projects in higher education institutions;
26.In May 2012, TUOYOUDA was awarded Hundred Most Potential Enterprise on Pioneering in Overseas Returnees Pioneer Park;
27.In June 2012, company was awarded National Hi-tech Enterprise.
28.In June 2012,Chief of Hebei Science and Technology Department and his delegation inspected TOYODA of Japanese wind power R & D center and heard the report of international science and technology cooperation project in Nagoya, Japan;
29.In July 2012,Chairman Zhao Xin participated in drafting National Standard of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. Standard No.: GB/T29494-2013.
30.In August 2012,TOYODA successful research and development of magnet installation machine, coil shaping machine, wind tunnel test bench, blade molding machine, generator assembly and other equipment;
31.In August 2012, the company patented product “muli-section of wind turbine” obtained Hebei intellectual property rights cultivate engineering patent award.
32.In September 2012,TOYODA patented product "multi-stage wind turbine" won the first prize of Tangshan City Patent Award;
33.In September 2012,at the China International Exposition, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and minister of the State Ministry of Science and Technology, inspected the portable wind and solar hybrid power supply equipment produced by TOYODA and gave full affirmation;
34.In September 2012, vertical axis wind turbine project which was invested 210 million yuan was approved by Hebei Development and Reform Commission and Listed as Provincial Key Project;
35.In September 2012,TOYODA with the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed an offshore wind turbine project in Tangshan, Tangshan Mayor Chen Guoying attended the signing ceremony;
36.In October 2012,TOYODA Participated in the signing ceremony of Sino-Japanese joint venture project in Tokyo, Japan presided over by Governor of Hebei Province Mr Nie , and signed a joint international technology cooperation project with Japan Co., Ltd. to develop a 5kw-50kw vertical axis wind turbine project;
37.In November 2012,TOYODA Products appliance in Xinjiang Expressway Monitoring, Gansu China Railway 12 Bureau of micro-grid, small micro-grid in Qinghai Province, Hebei United University car charging system, Dalian, Liaoning forest fire monitoring power supply systems and other projects. The products have been sold to more than 30 domestic provinces and municipalities and autonomous region;
38.In December 2012,Tangshan Haigangzhongchan New Energy Co.,Ltd was established;
39.In December 2012,TOYODA undertook "Hebei Province High-tech and Strategic Emerging Industrialization Project";
40.In 2012,TOYODA successfully developed 5KW, 10KW generator, began mass production, 10KW generator has been exported to Japan;
41.In 2012,TOYODA applied for and obtained 27 patents for inventions and utility models;
42.In January 2013,Chairman Zhao Xin was chosen as the "Hundred Talents Program" of high-level overseas talents by the Talent Office of Hebei Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, and won the honorary title of "Distinguished Specialist of Provincial Government" and received one million yuan reward and support;
43.In January 2013,TOYODA started to set up a management team composed of Japanese, German and Italian students returning home from abroad so that the management of the enterprise began to move toward a fast track;
44.In February 2013,Chairman Zhao Xin was elected by the Chinese Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce as the fourth overseas Chinese business executives, and by the state leaders Li Yuanchao, Wan Gang's interview
45.In March 2013,TOYODA has also received seven patents for inventions;
46.In April 2013,Chairman Zhaoxin was the Ministry of Science and eight ministries as "science and technology pioneering talent" project, only one person in Hebei Province won the award;
47.In May 2013,TOYODA was listed by The provincial development and Reform Commission as a provincial key project of vertical axis generator project began construction;
48.In May 2013,TOYODA invented the patented product "TYD-250 vertical axis wind turbine" was named "Tangshan Science and Technology Progress Award" first prize;
49.In June 2013,TOYODA installed 100 sets of wind solar hybrid street lights in the High-tech Zone were all installed and commissioning success, won the leadership and the masses alike;
50.In June 2013,10KW wind turbines in the company's national international scientific and technological cooperation projects began to be produced in small quantities and exported to Japan and the United States;
51.In July 2013,TOYODA invented the patented product "TYD-250 vertical axis wind turbine" product was named "Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award";
52.In August 2013,TOYODA has been awarded a title of Province Enterprise Technology Center.
53.In September 2013,TOYODA participated in the drafting of the national standard vertical axis wind turbine formally promulgated, the standard number:GB/T 29494-2013.
54.In October 2013,TOYODA as one of the Heibei drafting units of the vertical axis wind turbine standards promulgated and implemented, the standard number: DB13 / T1699-2013;
55.In October 2013,executive vice president of Germany returned overseas students Li Jian was organized by the provincial party committee and the Office of Human Resources assessed as "outstanding students returned overseas entrepreneurship";
56.In October 2013,TOYODA invented the patented product "TYD-250 vertical axis wind turbine" by the Ministry of Science and selected as "national key new product", only two Tangshan companies got the awards.
57.In December 2013,after six months of construction, vertical axis wind turbine project construction completed,TOYODA moved to the new site;In 2013,TOYODA doubled its sales volume, exported to 12 countries and turned over the national tax revenue;The company now has better hardware and software construction, laid the foundation for the take-off in 2014;
58.In February 2014,chairman Zhaoxin was selected as entrepreneurial talents of science and technology of national special high-level talents support program (ten thousand program), and was selected as senior experts;
59.In March,TOYODA won the 2013 High-tech Zone "Outstanding Contribution Award" and won 500,000 yuan;
60.In April 2014,the company independent research and development projects, vertical axis core-less raw earth permanent magnet wind generator, awarded second prize of Hebei province youth entrepreneurship competition and the top
ten innovation award;
61.In April 2014, chairman Zhaoxin awarded the first batch of "torch mentors in Hebei province";
62.In May 2014,Chairman Zhaoxin won the 2013 Tangshan "model worker" title and "May 1 Labor Medal";
63.In May 2014,Chairman Zhaoxin elected Hebei Eleventh Youth Federation members;
64.In May 2014,Chairman Zhaoxin elected as the 9th returned overseas Chinese in Hebei Province, and attended the 9th returned overseas Chinese relative congress in Hebei Province;
65.In June 2014,TOYODA National invention patent "a disk wind turbine magnet installation machine" won the second prize of 2014 Patent Award of Tangshan City;
66.In July 2014,TOYODA was named "Hebei Province student intern base";
67.In Auguest 2014,TUOYOUDA has undertaken the wind solar street light project tender.The project is on the Yingbin road,Beidaihe New Area,Qinhuangdao city.This project was won the the affirmation and highly recognized by the central leadership;
68.In September 2014,TUOYOUDA chairman Zhaoxin, was awarded the title of Innovative talents,and was honored by national leader during the Award Ceremony;
69.In September 2014,International Scientific and Technologic Cooperation Special Project undertook by TUOYOUDA was successfully checked and highlighted honored by the experts of Ministry of science and technology;
70.In September 2014,TOYODA R & D projects "vertical axis wind and solar hybrid micro-grid" included in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tangshan City, a special fund-raising projects, with support funds 500,000 yuan;
71.In October 2014,Chairman Zhao Xin was awarded the title of The seventh batch of provincial excellent experts in Hebei province;
72.In October 2014,the national invention patents of A disc wind generator magnet installation machine was obtained the first prize in Intellectual property advantage cultivation project in Hebei province and get the reported by Hebei Economic Daily and special reports;
73.In November 2014,vertical axis wind solar hybrid micro-grid project won the SME Innovation Fund in Tangshan City, supported funds of 200,000 yuan;
74.In November 2014,Hebei Province, the Communist Youth League recommended Chairman Zhao Xin, with a complete independent innovation project as a standard-bearer of Hebei Province to participate in the China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, finals won the third good result in the industrial group;
75.In December 2014,TOYODA as a cultivating advantages of intellectual property in Hebei Province, obtained the support of Tangshan Patent Strategy Promotion Project and supported the fund of 200,000 yuan;
76.In 2014,TOYODA Turbulence H shape vertical axis wind turbine is recommended for the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in Hebei Province;
77.In 2014,TOYODA has obtained two national invention patents; TOYODA has won a total of 81 national patents, including 15 national invention patents;
78.In November 2014,TUOYOUDA was obtained International science and technology cooperation base demonstration enterprise in Hebei province;
79.In December 2014,TOYODA registered trademark "TOYODA" was named Tangshan City well-known trademarks;
80.In December 2014,TOYODA R & D center was identified as "Tangshan Key Engineering Research Center";
81.In 2014,TOYODA was identified as Hebei Province, the national standard of intellectual property pilot enterprises;
82.In December 2014,TOYODA independently developed the low-voltage and high-altitude mobile communication base station wind and solar power supply equipment and installed it successfully in Lhasa, Tibet, marking that TOYODA reached the first industrialization company in China to successfully research and develop a new energy supply equipment for high-altitude areas up to 4,500 meters.
83.In December 2014,     TOYODA In cooperation with the Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Company developed a low-pressure, low-pressure and vertical-axis wind turbine unit to solve the problem of new energy supply in harsh environments such as Antarctica's elevation of more than 4,700 meters and temperature of minus 70 to minus 100;
84.In February 2014,TOYODA was obtained International science and technology cooperation base demonstration enterprise in Hebei province;
85.In February 2015,TOYODA wind solar lights complete sets exported to lots of countries;
86.In February 2015,TOYODA together with East China Electric Power Design Institute, provided wind turbine technology solutions for Anhui Huaihu Electricity Field Power Plant and provided wind turbine power supply equipment for Anhui Huaihu Electricity Field Power Plant Phase II Project and successfully passed the inspection;
87.In March 2015,Chairman Zhao Xin was appointed as a member of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of Tangshan Municipal People's Congress;
88.In March 2015,Chairman Zhao Xin won the "annual economic figure" of Tangshan National High-tech Zone in 2014;
89.In April 2015,TOYODA wind turbine project was designated as key energy-saving equipment in Hebei Province;
90.In April 2015,"Turbulence promoting H-axis vertical axis wind turbine "was awarded by the Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department of major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects;
91.In May 2015,Chairman Zhao Xin Will attend the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei High-level National Talents Seminar" held by the Central Talents Leading Group;
92.In May 2015,TOYODA was selected as a member of the American Wind Energy Association;

93.In May 2015,TOYODA with North China University of Science and Technology undertaking graduate innovative practice base;
94.In August 2015,Chairman Zhao Xin invited to attend the launching ceremony of the State Haichuang Competition and made a speech;
95.In August 2015,Chairman Zhao Xin attended the forum of outstanding provincial experts and spoken on behalf of the provincial government, and received the praise of the Minister of Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee and reported by all major newspapers in Hebei;
96.In August 2015,Baotou party secretary Wang Zhong and his party met with Chairman Zhao Xin in the Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone.They investigated the wind turbine project and the guidance provided for the application of the vertical axis wind turbine project in Inner Mongolia
97.In September 2015,the wind solar hybrid power monitoring equipment researched and developed by TOYODA first entered Zhurihe military base and started installation;
98.In September 2015,the overall design of the 80kw wind power generator and 30kw solar power supply project provided by TOYODA for the Low-carbon Hall of World Horticultural Exposition 2016 was approved by the famous national design institute and got the approval of the local government. Now the equipment installation has been approved and started;
99.In September 2015,TOYODA was named Tangshan innovative enterprises;
100.In October 2015,TOYODA won the bid in the national forest protection area wind solar hybrid forest monitoring project has been recognized and commended by the competent authorities;
101.In October 2015,the successful research and development of wind solar hybrid power equipment powered by Jiaxing substation jointly developed by TOYODA and Shanghai power supply department, will also become the first service to provide power supply for traditional equipment by using new energy sources in China.