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Management Visions

Management Visions

TOYODA Technology Group Management Visions
Management Visions(2013-2017)
1.Company Profile
TOYODA Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 9th September 9, 2009, cooperated with MIC Co., Ltd. of Japan, registered capital is15 million yuan. After three years of development, TOYODA has become a comprehensive utilization of products high-tech enterprises that professional research and development, manufacturing wind and solar energy products. In 2011 TOYODA invested 5 million yuan to set up Beijing Extension and Technology Co., Ltd in Beijing Zhongguancun.That formed Tangshan TOYODA Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing TOYODA Technology Co., Ltd., Haigangzhongchan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongtuo ( Sino-Japanese joint venture) Co., Ltd. quad-core-driven Group Co., Ltd. TOYODA takes the comprehensive utilization of new energy as its business purpose and adheres to the business philosophy of "scientific, rigorous, pragmatic and innovative" and devotes itself to the research and development of high-end new energy technologies and equipment manufacturing. It is determined to be the first-class new energy research and development enterprise.
TOYODA mainly develops, manufactures and sells 300W, 1000W, 2000W, 5000W, 10kW, 20kW, 50kW vertical axis core-less rare earth permanent magnet wind power generators, vertical axis multistage disc wind power generators, wind solar hybrid street lights and landscape power supply System, small household power supply equipment, large-scale LED lights and other small and medium-sized vertical axis wind turbine wind and solar power supply products.TOYODA with independent research and development of vertical core iron core rare earth permanent magnet wind turbine 300W-5kW full core technology, now has 81 national patents, of which 9 national invention patents, 56 utility model patents, 16 design patents.
Based on our R & D team with international background in our company and accurate positioning of products, the state supports the new energy sources - wind energy and solar energy. In combination with the national "12th Five-Year Plan", according to the national industrial layout, after careful studying by the Board of Directors, TOYODA Technology Co., Ltd. reached the strategic goal:
A.Build core independent intellectual property rights, create a new energy field in the highlands and become a new energy enterprise with international competitiveness;
B.To achieve the transformation and upgrading of small wind turbine, instead of the traditional horizontal axis wind power equipment;
C.With 5 years, to become a leader in small and medium wind turbines at home and abroad. The core independent intellectual property rights and scientific and technological achievements have reached the advanced level in the world.
3.Fixed assets and sales
It is estimated that at the end of the first five-year plan of TOYODA, that is, in 2017, the assets of the Company reached a total of 586 million yuan, of which the intangible assets reached 300 million yuan and the fixed asset investment totaled 286 million yuan, achieving an average annual growth rate of 61%. It is estimated that the investment in fixed assets will reach 40 million in 2013, the investment in fixed assets will reach 60 million in 2014, the fixed asset and research and development investment will reach 76 million in 2015, the investment in research and development and development of new products will reach 80 million in 2016 and the investment in research and development in 2017 will reach 30 million.
With the company's product stereotypes, the company will increase investment in the marketing system and construction, the company's sales will show an explosive growth, the end of 2017 sales will reach 1.86 billion yuan, and profits and taxes 558 million yuan. In wind energy, solar photovoltaic, wind and solar applications occupy 10% market share. With sales expected to reach 50 million yuan in 2013; sales in 2014 doubled to 120 million yuan; sales in 2015 exceeded 200 million yuan to 270 million yuan; sales in 2016 reached 490 million yuan; in 2017 Doubled in 2016 with sales of 980 million yuan, of which exports reached 40%, sales reached 120 million US dollars.
4. Products item
After more than three years of research and development, testing, has formed six categories, nearly a hundred varieties of product lines, rich and varied products.
A. Wind solar hybrid street light,wind solar hybrid landscape lighting power supply equipment,wind solar hybrid monitoring power supply equipment;
B. 300W--50KW lager scale vertical axis wind turbines;
C. 300W--50KW core-less rare earth permanent magnet vertical axis wind generator;
D. Solar power supply equipment;
E. Off /on grid wind solar hybrid power supply equipment;
F. Solar portable power supply equipment.
5. Key success factors
The success and development of the company is closely related to continuous development, innovation,for the company's success thanks to the following key elements:
A. New energy products have huge social and economic benefits;
B. Great potential for market demand;
C. Government supportive policies for new energy
D. New technology, new products, high profits
E. To provide customers with green energy, energy-saving emission reduction to increase revenue;
F. Realize the application of wind power in urban area and low wind speed area and effectively improve the safety of wind power in high wind speed area