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Zhao Xin, Chairman of the Board of the Group, made a keynote speech

2018/08/10 15:42

On July 15, 2018,The“Emerging China·Overseas High-level Talents and Returned Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit Forum” was hosted by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, the Returned Overseas Chinese Association of Hebei Province, and the Tangshan Municipal Committee and Municipal Government,undertook by Tangshan Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, the Tangshan Caofeidian District Committee and the Tangshan City Talent Exchange Center and co-organized by Tangshan Caofeidian New City Management Committee and Tangshan Polytechnic College.It was held at the new campus of Tangshan Polytechnic College in Caofeidian.

The theme of this forum was to create a “Chuangye China” brand and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the overseas Chinese community.

The main purpose is to fully implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, give full play to the advantages of the Overseas Chinese Federation, actively integrate overseas high-level talents and superior resources, increase the intelligence of overseas referrals, and pay attention to the important role of returnees.Actively promote "mass entrepreneurship, innovation", encourage, attract and drive a large number of new overseas talents with real talents and development potential to return to China to innovate and start businesses, promote the exchange, integration and transformation of innovation and entrepreneurial achievements, to implement the national strategy, promote Hebei and Tangshan's high-quality development provides intellectual support for talents.
The chairman of our group company, the national 10,000 plan, and the overseas 100-person plan expert Zhao Xin made a keynote report and a new technology report.The leaders of the meeting unanimously praised the school-enterprise cooperation training factory jointly established by our group company and Tangshan Polytechnic College.
Leaders, experts and guests attending the meeting
Zhao Xin, Chairman of the Group, made a keynote report